Comprehensive Training Courses

From security awareness training for your employees to training your developers on how to properly store and handle sensitive data, SCG is your source for up-to-date training on modern best practices and emerging technologies. SCG consultants are recognized world-wide as security experts who live on the bleeding edge of information security, so the advice offered in our training courses is always relevant to the modern threatscape.

Training may be conducted onsite, or online via WebEx.

SCG currently offers the following training courses:

    For your employees:
  • Security Awareness Training — Essential training that covers the basics of information and operational security

  • For Software Developers:
  • Employing Proper Cryptographic Storage — Covers the proper techniques to store passwords, PII, and other sensitive data at rest
  • Employing Proper Transport Layer Protection — Covers the proper techniques to protect passwords, PII, and other sensitive data in transit

  • For Information Security staff:
  • Conducting Password Audits — Everything you need to know about cracking your own passwords, measuring risk, and creating effective password policies

  • For Law Enforcement, Military, Government, and Forensics Agencies:
  • Password Cracking 101 — An introductory course covering the basics of password cracking
  • Password Cracking 310 — Covers more advanced password cracking techniques
  • Password Cracking 650 — A course for those who have nearly mastered the art of password cracking, and want to take things to the next level

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