Accelerate your Applications with GPGPU Computing

General-purpose GPU (GPGPU) computing harnesses the raw compute power of a GPU (graphics processing unit) to accelerate scientific and engineering applications, enabling them to run several orders of magnitude faster than on the CPU alone.

SCG can help make your compute-intensive algorithms faster and scalable by porting them to CUDA or OpenCL, enabling you to achieve results faster and even enter new markets. For most highly-parallel algorithms you can expect at least a two-fold increase in speed, and often times results are even more dramatic than that.

Our expertise in GPGPU programming stems from our years of experience in developing our own GPU-accelearated password cracking software. While our expertise is in porting cryptographic algorithms, we are certainly not limited in our ability to accelerate other applications as well. We have been working with CUDA and OpenCL since their inception, and keep up-to-date on the latest advancements in GPGPU computing.

SCG can assist with:

  • Porting CPU code to CUDA
  • Porting CPU code to OpenCL
  • Porting CUDA code to OpenCL
  • Porting OpenCL code to CUDA
  • Optimizing CPU code for the Xeon Phi co-processor

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