Software Development Lifecycle Support

SCG offers a variety of application security services which integrate seamlessly into your Software Development Lifecycle, enabling you to maximize efficiency and lower costs by helping to prevent the deployment of insecure software.

Our consultants understand the software development process and understand how security flaws are introduced, because they are developers themselves. Our expert consultants have performed code reviews and threat models on numerous applications, as well as their own software.

Catch Security Issues Early in the Lifecycle

It is imperative to identify and remedy security issues as early in the software development lifecycle as possible, as mitigation of security issues is the least expensive when performed during design. The closer you get to deployment, the more expensive it is to go back and fix security flaws. And research indicates nearly 80% of all security issues are introduced during the first stages of software development, often before a single line of code has even been written. Engaging SCG early in the development process enables our consultants to identify detrimental architectural issues at the earliest stages, saving you time, money, and your reputation.

Comprehensive Services

SCG provides the following application security services:

  • Threat modeling reviews
  • Application design reviews
  • Code reviews
  • Password storage migration
  • Encryption migration

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