About Stricture Consulting Group

Stricture Consulting Group aims to be the market leader in password security products and services, by providing customers with the tools necessary to measure and manage risk, and protect core assets and sensitive customer data.

We provide key services and solutions that are not typical of your average security consulting firm. Recognized world-wide for our expertise in password cracking, we offer a unique perspective on the true risk posed to your organization from undertrained users, poor password policies, and improper cryptographic transport and storage. We also extend our expertise to assist law enforcement, government, and forensics agencies with their time-sensitive password recovery efforts.

We take pride in being staffed by industry-acknowledged experts who understand the challenges you face. We value the relationships we form with our clients, and strive to become your trusted advisors.

Headquartered in downtown Tacoma Washington, SCG was formed in 2010 by Jeremi Gosney to provide embedded Linux firmware development services to the aerospace industry. Originally formed as Embedded International, the name was changed to Stricture Consulting Group in 2012 after the company changed its mission to providing password security products and services, which is much better aligned with our true passions of password cracking and GPGPU programming.

We take pride in being active participants in the Information Security community (the password cracking community in particular.) We highly encourage social interaction with our peers and "competitors," and strive to foster a culture of openness and collaboration. There are very few people who do what we do, and we firmly believe that we're all friends here. We even devote our off-time to voluntarily providing support for "competing" password cracking programs and rival Crack Me If You Can teams.


Jeremi Gosney — Founder and CEO
Mr. Gosney is a world-renowned security and password cracking expert with over 10 years of information security and software development experience. He has been described by IBM Security as a "security thought leader," and described by the BBC, Wired, NBC News, Ars Technica, and other news outlets as a "security expert." HPC Wire has said that he takes password cracking and HPC "to the next level." In 2013, Mr. Gosney was named one of the Top 100 Security Experts by Marble Security.

Mr. Gosney has previously worked for the Software & Solutions Group at Intel, the Mobile Networks group at Boeing, and the Security & Compliance team at Motricity. Prior to civilian life, Mr. Gosney served in the US Army as an Interrogator for the 2nd Infantry Division, and is an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran.

Russell Graves — Vice President, Solutions & Services
Mr. Graves has over six years of information security and software development experience, and holds a Masters Degree in Information Assurance from Iowa State University. He has previously worked at Google and Sandia National Laboratories. Mr. Graves is well-known throughout the community as the author of the Cryptohaze password cracking suite. He has also presented talks at security conferences such as DEFCON and Passwords^12.